France wins over Hungary and is now close to play for a direct qualification to the WFC2022. Norway continue their winning streak and top the group D. Poland strugles with Liechtenstein. 

Group C

Hungary v France

The Koceni Arena saw an extremely tight battle in the morning hours. Hungary who arrived to Latvia only yesterday, didn’t start well as they allowed Hugo Botton to open the score for Les Bleus in 7th minute. Hungary stayed close and did not let the French pull away. Goals from Peter Pfneiszli and Levente Dioszeghi put Magyarország in front 2-1 after the first period. Soon after the restart France equalised thanks to Paul Vallar. Vallar scored one more and France were ahead again. With that game won France is now close to settle 2nd in Group C and play for a direct qualification to the WFC 2022. Game statistics available here.


Group D

Norway v Belgium 

By deafting Belgium, Norway maintained their winning streak in Koceni and with four points they will play with Poland for the first place in gourp D. In turn, Belgium remain with zero points and have no realistic chance of progressing to the next stage. Norway were considered favourites and they confirmed being in a good shape. Belgium only scored once thanks to Alec Boutmans while Norwegians were enjoying their free-flowing floorball. Final score 12-1 for Norway. The best player awards went to Henrik Osteras (1+1) (NOR) and Alec Boutmans (1+0) (BEL). Game statistics available here.


Group D 

Poland v Liechtenstein

On paper it was Poland who were the favourites in this match but Liechtenstein hold on to a brilliant defence only allowing Poland a very limited number of shots. Youngest Polish player Kacper Szałański scored shortly before the final whistle of the first period. Polish captain Łukasz Chlebda increased the lead in the second period but Liechtenstein despite poor start, closed the gap to only one goal behind thanks to power-play and Andreas Tischhauser. Liechtenstein solid defense and fast counterattacks helped them to keep a short distance to Poland throughout whole game. The final result 2-4 for Poland. Best player awards went to Lukas Good and Łukasz Chlebda.


Find all the match recordings from IFF YouTube Channel 1.

Photos are available here.

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