Storvreta IBK are headed to Asia for the Storvreta Summercamp in Singapore which will be held from 19-23 June 2022!

Just over two years ago, top Swedish Club Storvreta IBK started a partnership with Youth Floorball Academy (YFA) in Singapore. The partnership is part of Storvreta IBK’s goal to spread floorball and the club brand internationally, and is also in line with YFA’s goals to bring the Swedish way of floorball and give new opportunities for the floorball community in Southeast Asia.

In the picture from the left: Youth Floorball Academy’s Norani Zaini and Storvretas Ingemar Lundqvist

We have a lot of the same focus. We want to help spread floorball internationally and also look at how we can help society through floorball.” said Storvreta IBK chairman Ingemar Lundqvist.

Since then, Storvreta IBK and YFA had been in discussions about exchange programs. In mid-June, a delegation from Storvreta IBK will join Youth Floorball Academy in Singapore to host the inaugural Storvreta Summercamp Singapore.  Programs will include training camps for Under-14 and Under-19 age categories, as well as for coaches.

It feels very good that we finally have the opportunity to implement this international venture and it is extra nice that we get the chance to do it in Asia. I only have good experiences of Singapore and know that the interest is great.” says Noél Alm Johansson, Asia manager for Storvreta IBK who will be on site and be one of those who run the camp.

SIBK Asia Manager, Noél Alm Johansson

Among those who will be in Singapore for the program include Swedish Super League (SSL) Coach Oscar Lundin, as well as SSL players Albin Sjögren, Filip Eriksson and Andreas Stefansson. From Storvreta IBK’s women’s team Johanna Kauppinen and Selma Frykholm on site.

It feels fun to go to Singapore, exciting to see a new country you do not know much about. Storvreta is doing exactly the right thing by having a camp in Singapore so more people can discover the sport and make it spread internationally.” says Albin Sjögren.

SSL Player Albin Sjögren

As a leading floorball academy in Singapore, Youth Floorball Academy believes in creating opportunities for Singapore and also the Southeast Asia floorball community.

We are honoured to be working with Storvreta IBK to bring this exclusive camp closer to home, and believe that this camp opens doors for all floorballers in Singapore and the Southeast Asia region to experience Swedish way of floorball. We have big plans with Storvreta IBK to develop floorball in our region so there will be more of such events and opportunities for floorballers to look forward to.” says Norani Zaini, Chief Executive Officer of Youth Floorball Academy.

Storvreta Summercamp Singapore is a first step for Storvreta IBK on site in Asia with Youth Floorball Academy.

Those interested in participating can sign up for their newsletter that will send out information when the sign up is open phase is open.
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