The third IFF Central Board (CB) meeting of the year took place on the weekend in Zurich, Switzerland. During the meeting, the CB had discussions on the strategy implementation, future of floorball and upcoming events. In addition, the CB accepted the Kazakhstan Floorball Federation as provisional member number 76 and Chinese Macau as provisional member number 77. 

Strategy implementation

The four Strategy Sub-groups had all finalised their work and had submitted summarised documents for the IFF CB to work with on Saturday in the working session. The work was carried out as group work where the four working groups each went through one strategy area and came up with certain updates and notes. The Strategy Working Group will meet in the coming months and start the actual implementation work.

The CB also worked with Future of Floorball SWOT Analysis outcome from the IFF Associations’ Meeting in December in Helsinki. The CB discussed the different aspects of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Future of Floorball proposal. The CB workshop concluded based on the evaluation to build a FAQ for the Future of Floorball proposal to answer all the potential questions. This will be discussed further in upcoming CB meetings. The IFF General Assembly has already earlier deciced that the IFF CB will come up with a proposal in the GA 2022.

The CB also discussed the structure of the adults’ World Floorball Championships and gave the IFF RACC the task to evaluate the current system for the WFCs.

WFCQ 2022 EUR3 to be played in Celano, Italy

The Men’s WFC 2022 EUR3 qualification is now confirmed to play in Celano, Italy from 24-27 May. More information on the event here.

Other qualifications:


The World Games 2022

The preparations for the Birmingham World Games 2022 are going smoothly although there is still a lot of details to be confirmed by the local organisers, especially to do with the venue, VIP ticketing, and extra officials’ confirmation.

IFF has finalised the match schedule for the tournament.

All teams have submitted their first (long) list of 30 players + 10 officials. Final lists will be submitted on 31st May.

IFF has updated our plans for the Demo sport during the event at the World Games Plaza and the USFbA and IFF have published the TWG volunteers application invitation for the TWG on the organisations channels. USFbA has started the discussion with the BOC about the needed volunteers.

IFF has also invited the Special Olympics to make a Special Olympics day during the Floorball tournament. The preparations are ongoing and meetings with the concerned US Special Olympics programs have been agreed. The Special Olympics demo games will be played in the intermissions and between the games.

New members

During the meeting, the CB accepted the Kazakhstan Floorball Federation as provisional member number 76 and Chinese Macau as provisional member number 77. The decision on the Chinese Taipei Floorball Federation as provisional member number 78 was postponed until later in the year.

All applications included the required documents. The IFF Office has discussed the application of the Chinese Taipei Floorball Federation with the Chinese Floorball Union, which has asked to postpone the approval of the Chinese Taipei Floorball Federation until later in the year to make some clarifications.


Men’s WFC 2022, Zurich, Switzerland
The Men’s WFC 2022 is played 5th – 13th of November in Zurich and Winterthur. Visit the website here!

Due to the slight delay following constrcutions problems with the roof of Swiss Life Arena, the WFC 2022 will be the first major event organised in the arena.

From the marketing point-of-view 110% of the budgeted marketing revenue is reached and there are still discussions with further partners. Due to the moved WFCQs, the ticket pre-sale was postponed but still almost 40% of the budgeted total ticket turnover has been reached.

The LOC is aiming to present the WFC 2022 mascot during the Swiss Superfinal 23rd of April.

Women’s U19 WFC 2022, location and dates to be confirmed

When the event was moved to be played in September 2022, a new contact was taken with Slovakia but even though they made a new attempt they could not get the needed support to organise the event. The search for an alternative organiser is ongoing and currently the IFF has an ongoing discussion with Poland. The decision should come during the upcoming week.

U19 WFC 2023, WFC 2023 and WFC 2024

The contract discussions with Floorball Denmark regarding the U19 WFC 2023 are in the final stages and the contract is expected to be signed in a near future.

The contract with Singapore Floorball Association, organiser of the WFC 2023, has been signed.

The discussions with the Swedish Floorball Federation regarding the WFC 2024 contract will start now when the WFC 2023 contract is signed.

The minutes from the IFF CB meeting will be published soon here

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