For the eighth time since 2014, the International World Games Association will crown the top athlete or team of the past sports year. A total of 24 candidates are competing for The World Games Athlete/Team of the Year title. The winners will receive trophies and prizes from the official sponsor of The World Games Athlete of the Year, Protective Life.

The candidates from The World Games sports have been proposed by their International Federations based on extraordinary achievements in 2021 or for several years. In cooperation with Czech Floorball, the IFF proposed the Men’s U19 WFC champions, team Czech Republic, to be one of the World Games Team of the Year candidates for the following reasons:

In 2019, the Czech Men’s U19 national team won the historical first ever World Floorball Championships (WFC) gold medal for Czech Floorball. This year, the MU19 team defended their title and won the second consecutive gold medal in front of their home crowd in Brno, Czech Republic. They won the exciting final 4-3 against Finland regardless of losing against them in the group stage. Three Czech players were selected to the All-Star Team: Tomas Jurco (goalkeeper), Filip Forman (centre) and Matej Penicka (forward). The U19 WFC was also a success for the organisers. Regardless of challenges set by the global pandemic, Czech Floorball hosted a great event for all floorball fans.

The Czech Men’s U19 team was also one of TWG Team of the Year 2019 candidates after their historical WFC-gold in Halifax. They finished 10th in the contest with 27 158 votes.

TWG Athlete/Team of the Year voting

The voting begins at 09:00 CET on 10th of January 2022. After the first round, lasting until 16:00 CET on 23rd of January, the ten candidates with most votes will continue in the race. They will keep the votes earned by then. The winner and two runner-ups will then be crowned on 31st of January.

How to vote?

  • You can vote for your candidate once every 24 hours.
  • First, give two votes to your favourite candidate by clicking on their “Vote” button.
  • Then, to make your vote count, click on the “Vote” button of your second favourite candidate which will then receive one vote.
  • Vote HERE!
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