The Cameroon Floorball Association has launched various events as announced in November 2021.

The Cameroon Floorball Association has been committed to run several training workshops in the whole country. The first event took place just before the season opening in the capitol Yaoundé. The main topics and subjects during the workshop are:

  • How to choose and hold the stick
  • Basic floorball such as ball handling, passing and shooting
  • Basic training on rules and being a referee
  • Floorball club and team management

The following workshops took place.

Douala, Littoral Region

This workshop mainly targeted to resume the Floorball activities in the Littoral Region (Douala). The event was a big success and was held at Club Camtel of Bepanda and four teams participated.

Sangmelima, Southern Region

Another workshop was held at the city of Sangmelima in the Southern Region. This event targeted to initate Floorball in the Southern Region. There were several players who were discovering the vibrant rhythm of Floorball.

Loum, Moungo Division

The city of Loum, Moungo Division, was the spotlight to get Floorball started in the middle of November 2021. Various exhibition matches marked the launch of Floorball activities in this muncipality. All the players joined with a lot of enthusiasm, will, joy and love to get to know floorball during this event.

Further updates

The Cameroon Floorball Association (CFA) has been very actively with various programs. It is seen as key to increase the number of players. This workshop initiative is mainly planned and managed by the president Yvette Manong. She has been travelling through the country to present the sport to a bigger community.

Furthermore, there was a meeting between Ms. Mmaduka, President of Floorball Association of Nigeria – FBAN, and Mr. Lobe Priso, Secretary General of Cameroon Floorball Association – CFA on December 15, 2021. The meeting was held in Lagos, Nigeria  and at the center of the discussions were the topics:

  • Elaboration and implementation of Floorball development strategies in both countries
  • How to implement similar strategies throughout Africa in general
  • How to structure the partnership between the two associations and then to establish this cooperation
  • Exchange and sharing of knowledge and made experiences within the floorball community
  • Ideally, the partnership includes training webinars for floorball referees and coaches as well as friendly matches between the two nations
  • How to align the local strategies and programs with the one’s from IFF

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