The IFF conducted a Covid-19 Impact Study during April – May 2021, with the participation of over 30 member associations. The results of this study as well as the review of the impact on the IFF operations have now been published.

All IFF Member Associations were invited to participate in the impact study as a way for the IFF to gather information on what areas had been most affected by the pandemic and to be able to determine the areas of operation that would need the most focus to help recovery. With over 100 questions covering 9 different topics – competition, participation, referees, organisation, media, marketing, transfers, finance, and national teams & IFF events – it was a comprehensive study. 42% of the associations responded, with at least one member country from each continent.

Some of the key findings highlighted the impact of the lack of competition, not having spectators, and the reduction in the number of players. It also brought our attention to the new methods that many associations had adopted for sharing information with clubs and players, new online education, and ways of engaging with their members and supporters.

As well as the responses from the member associations, the IFF also provided a review of the impact on its own operations in the various areas of the study.

The report is available on the IFF materials page on the website. There is both a full report which includes all statistics presented in graph form, with analysis, as well as all of the open-ended text responses. A summary report is also available.

IFF Covid-19 Impact Study 2021 Full Report


IFF Covid-19 Impact Study 2021 Summary


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