The Men’s World Floorball Championships in Helsinki participate in the fair play challenge campaign of the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS) with a message that has been promoted by more than 30 international sports events in Finland.

At the opening ceremony, the World Floorball Championships event received a fair play challenge from aesthetic group gymnasts whose world championships were recently held in Helsinki. Gymnasts from the Gloria team Hertta Martikainen and Noora Luoto handed over the Golden Baton of the campaign to the captain of the Finnish team Nico Salo.

– With the Golden Baton, we want to spread the message of fair play and clean sports to all the teams in the World Championships! Martikainen and Luoto explain.

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) is also involved in the campaign of FINCIS. According to IFF Sales Coordinator Tero Kalsta, the campaign fits in with the sport’s own responsibility campaign.

–  The message of clean sports has once again been passed on. The International Floorball Federation will continue to promote the message by means of the FairFloorball responsibility campaign. I hope everyone will enjoy the games and the spirit of fair play, Kalsta says.

– This is now the third time that the Adult World Floorball Championships accept the fair play challenge by receiving the FINCIS Golden Baton. We are very proud that our event has been chosen for the third time, after WFC 2010 and WFC 2015, to showcase fair sport, IFF Communications & Anti-Doping Manager Merita Bruun comments.

As part of the challenge campaign, FINCIS will share information on clean sports practices at the World Championships at its own information stand for both the audience and the players. The FINCIS information stand can be found at Helsinki Ice Hall on Saturday 4th of December from 2 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. and at Hartwall Arena on the day of the finals, the 11th of December, from 1 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

At the FINCIS stand, people can vote for the Fair Play athlete of the World Championships and test their knowledge of anti-doping matters by answering the WADA Play True Quiz questionnaire. Voters will be awarded with reflectors, and drinking bottles will be awarded to those who take part in the quiz. An official Finnish team jersey with the autographs of each team member will also be raffled among all the voters.


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