Four new members joined the IFF Central Board on 11th of December, during the 2020 General Assembly. They have started their work with the CB and we will now have a look what their thoughts were right in the beginning of accepting this duty.

Agata Plechan joined the IFF Athletes’ Commission in 2016 and she is the Chair of ATC since 2020. Due to her position as the ATC Chair, Agata is also the member of the Central Board. She is also a member of the IFF Rules and Competition Committee (RACC).

In addition to her position in the IFF ATC and CB, Agata is the captain of the Polish national team. She has represented Poland in six Women’s World Floorball Championships. In Denmark she represents Copenhagen FC. In the IFF CB, Agata wants to give the perspective of a player. In addition, anti-doping and gender equality are things that she has “on top of her head”.

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