Four new members joined the IFF Central Board on 11th of December, during the 2020 General Assembly. They have started their work with the CB and we will now have a look what their thoughts were right in the beginning of accepting this duty.

Tamuz Hidir was the President of the Ukrainian Floorball Federation from 2016 to 2020. He was also an IFF Jury member during the same time. Tamuz has experience from playing floorball on an elite level with Jönköping IK, Linköping Innebandy and Hammarby Innebandy in Sweden and Kyiv Floorball Club in Ukraine. He coached the Ukrainian Men’s National Team at WFCQ 2014 in Łochów and the Men’s U19 Team at the U19 WFCQ in 2014 in Madrid. Tamuz also has experience from refereeing and he has refereed the finals of Ukrainian, Moldovian and US national championships.

In the IFF CB, Tamuz is responsible for East Europe. He is also the chair of the IFF Entourage Committee. In addition to being a floorball enthusiast, he enjoys all kinds of sports. Tamuz has also an important message to the whole floorball community:

— (… )I think we should believe more in our own ability. A lot depends on ourselves. I have seen so many success stories in floorball and everything is possible.

Learn more about Tamuz:

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