The FISU International Day of University Sport (IDUS) is celebrated annually on 20th September. FISU has also reformed the university championships. University World Cups (UWC) are the new events and the first UWC Floorball will be played in Liberec, Czech Republic in June 2022. In this new format, the participating teams will represent their university rather than their nation.  

The FISU International Day of University Sport (IDUS) has been organised annually since 2016. It has been proclaimed by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO). The day aims at connecting universities and their local communities focused around physical activity, sport and healthy lifestyle. IDUS offers a platform for university sports stakeholders and member organisations to exhange ideas, challenges and best practices within university sport worldwide.

University World Cup

The FISU University World Cups are the university sport’s newest innovation and created to replace the FISU World University Games and the FISU World University Championships. The University World Cup Floorball takes place in Liberec, Czech Republic on 20th-24th of June in 2022. Participating teams will represent their university rather than their nation. This will give a possibility for any university to take part, regardless the level of floorball played. There can also be several universities participating per country. This is a great opportunity for all countries to have players exposed to an international floorball event.

The IFF strongly supports and recommends the national federations to contact their National University Sport Federations (NUSF) and known universities playing floorball. You can find more information about the University World Cup Floorball from the UWC floorball 2022 website.

Source and more information: FISU website

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