The IFF Referee Committee has named seven referee pairs and three referee observers who will officiate at the 2021 Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships in Brno.  

The list of the referees nominated for the Men’s U19 WFC is a mix of veterans and newcomers who will officiate their first big floorball event. Four of the nominated pairs officiated at least at one WFC event, with Martin Gross refereeing the final at the WFC 2018 in Prague. The MU19 WFC referees come from seven different countries and their work will be overseen by three referee observers: Petr Seda from Czech Republic, Sami Rahikainen from Finland and the Head of the Referee Observers, Tony Holmer from Sweden.

Referee pairs: 

Jakub Furmanek 
Czech Republic

37 years old, living in and out of Prague and it’s countryside. He has been a referee for over 20 years, refereeing the highest Czech League since 2008. He works as Director of Operations in Czech Floorball. His favourites outside of floorball are the outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing and gardening. He has been part of the Men’s U19 WFC in Halifax in 2019 together with his partner.


Vlastimil Solc
Czech Republic

39 years old husband and proud father of three, living in Prague. More than 20 years of referee experience, while since 14 years refereeing together with Jakub. IFF Referee since 2015. Men’s U19 WFC in Halifax was his biggest IFF Event so far and he has refereed Euro Floorball Tour tournaments, Finnkampen and Czech Open finals. Vlastimil works as Key Accounts Sales Director in Adidas and he loves spending time with his family, travelling, doing sports and playing guitar.


Andrew Lewis  

52 years old, based in Keuruu, Finland. Experienced referee with a lot of International Events in his CV such as Men’s WFC, Champions Cup, Men’s U19, Africa Floorball Cup, Euro Floorball Cup and Women´s World University Floorball Championships.


Anssi Silvo

49 years old, living in Tampere. Husband and has two kids. Referee in the highest Finnish League for 18 seasons. IFF Referee since 2006. He has been refereeing the Men’s WFC in 2012 and several Men’s U19 WFCs. He is an enterpreneur in construction business. Outside of floorball and work, he likes all types of sports that rise pulse.


Martins Gross 

38 years old, living in Liepaja – 3rd largest city in Latvia. Future husband to Jolanta, proud father of Hugo and Juris. One of the most experienced IFF Referees with about 160 International Matches and over 300 in the highest Latvian League. He officiated two Men’s WFC big finals between Sweden and Finland, in his home country in 2016 and in Prague in 2018 in front of more than 16 000 fans. He works as Sales Manager in WURTH. He loves family time and everything related to sport. He is also a football referee.


Imants Vinkalns

34 years old, living in Liepaja. Husband and father of two boys. Referee in Latvia for 15 years also in International Tournaments. Men’s U19 WFC in Brno will be his first big IFF event. He works as a Sales Assistant in WURTH company. He likes fishing. He also likes buying and restoring old cars and bikes.


Bartosz Burek 

35 years old, living in Poznań. Married and father to his 1-year-old daughter. Referee in Poland for 19 years, IFF Referee for 11 years. Co-founder and CEO of one of the most popular apps in Poland – JakDojade. In his free time, he likes running, crossfit and squash. He is interested in new technologies, mobile apps and start up markets.


Wojciech Czarnecki

39 years old, husband and proud father of three – Ula (10), Bartosz (6) and Szymon (1). Lives in Prabuty – North Poland. He is an engineer and works as a CEO in building company. Chair of Referee Committee in Poland during 2014-2021. Referee for more than 20 years, together with Bartosz since 2006, IFF referee for 11 years with Champions Cup, Men’s WFC in 2014 and several Men’s U19 events in his CV. Outside of floorball he likes music and running.


Ales Zorman 

44 years old from Skofja Loka, near Ljubjana. He has been a referee for about 17 years in the highest Slovenian League. IFF Referee for 11 years with two World University Championships in his CV. Chair of referees in Slovenia. He works as a coach driver. In free time he likes to explore new places.


Andraz Zupancic

52 years old, living near Ljubljana. He is married and has two adult kids, one of them is a floorball goalie. He has been refereeing since 2008, together with Ales for 15 years. IFF Referee since 2010 with regular participation in Czech Open and Prague Games. He is a F1 journalist who followed Formula 1 races all over the world since 1994. Now he works as a F1 commentator. He likes mountain hiking and travelling. Fact for F1 fans: Andraz’s first race as a F1 journalist was “the” race in Imola in 1994.


Simon Broman 

35 years old, from Malmö. Father of a 3-year-old boy. He is refereeing in the Swedish Super League since four years. IFF Referee since 2019 with Men’s 2019 WFCQ in Poprad in his CV. He works with electronic transfers of films to cinemas in Sweden. He loves spending time with his family outdoors. He likes training and has slightly oversized gym at home.


Martin Matti

Living in Malmö, Sweden with his wife and a 2-year old son. Swedish Super League referee for four years. On International level since two years, refereeing Men’s WFCQ in Poprad in 2020. He works as Manager in building community properties. Outside of floorball, he likes spending time with friends and travelling to new countries. He also likes working out, mainly running. He is interested in stock market. Fun fact: He walked seven million steps (5800 km) in last six months.


Janick Bühler

33 years old, living in Biel, Switzerland. He is a father of a newborn boy. He has been refereeing for 15 years in Switzerland, IFF Referee since three years with the Men’s WFCQ. Together with his brother Yvan, he has refereed for nine years. He works as a social worker. He likes fishing, collecting mushrooms and hiking.


Yvan Bühler

32 years old, the youngest referee in the Men’s U19 WFC 2021. Living in Bern. He has been refereeing for 15 years in Switzerland, IFF Referee for three years with experience in Men’s WFCQ in 2020 in Liepaja, Latvia. He works as surgeon. He loves travelling and playing piano.

More information about Men’s U19 WFC can be found here.

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