The traditional international club tournament Czech Open will be played from 5th to 8th August 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic.

One of the most known international club tournament, Czech Open will go ahead this week. As for many sports events organisers it is a difficult time with Covid-19 still around. However, the organisers for the Czech Open also ran the tournament in 2020 and it will be going ahead this year. Looking into some statistical data it shows which impact Covid-19 had and has.

  • In 2019 there were 228 registered teams, in 2020 it was 97 teams and this year there are 110 teams registered.
  • 12 teams from those 110 teams are coming from abroad, such as Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland – in comparison there were 104 foreign teams in 2019
  • This has also an impact on the used halls and venues: 2019 the torunament was spread out over 13 halls, last year it was 8 halls and this year it is only 5 different venues (but this year there is one venue with 4 fields – hence, 8 fields will be used this year; same as last year).

— It is not Czech Open like in 2019 (before Covid-19), but there are some foreign teams now and we want to show the foreign teams that we are strong and we can organise a safe CO also in difficult conditions! We organized last two years despite of Covid-19 and we want to show the foreign teams it is safe to play in Prague! And if the situation will be the same next year, there will be more foreign teams welcome, explains Kristýna Matoušová from the organisers.

The tournament does allow spectators. It also can be followed online from here.

Furthermore, there will be live streams which you can access here:

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