The summer 2021 has arrived in Europe. The final siren for season 2020/2021 has roared in most countries. Followed by a longer break with no floorball. Some players love the break, others can not wait till the restart for the new season. What can be trained in July?

Many players have been back at training so far and now July has arrived. July – the start of summer holidays in many (Northern hemisphere) countries. It also might be the time which can create some headaches to coaches, clubs and players. How much shall be trained during that time? Training as a team? Training as an individual? Where and how could training look like? Training on holidays with a training plan the player has received from his coaches and club? Or just having (another) break?

Plenty of questions and many options to consider. There is probably not a single solution to satisfy everyone. Many nations, clubs, teams, coaches and players use the first months of a season for the pre-season training. The time where new things are studied, learnt, tried and repeated – again and again. The focus on specific skills will vary and will be trained in different ways and orders. In summary, players will work on their skills – it can be new skills or re-enforcing existing skills. But it is and should be a challenge to add the (new) skills to the personal skills portfolio.

Hence, IFF is very interested to see how you conquer, master and overcome your personal summer challenges. IFF Social Media Ambassador Sara Adamcova has started the IFF summer challenge on Instagram: #summerchallengeiff

Have you ever had the feeling that you want to change something like “ahh I want to learn this skill so badly” or “I want to run in a better time” but you never pushed yourself (enough) to do it?

Now it is a perfect time to show your personal challenge with your skills. You can choose what you want to get better at. We are in this all together.
Read here for more information.

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