Several leagues and competitions had their final games over the last few weeks. It was played in various formats like single games, playoff series or whole tournaments over few days. We are happy to share two examples from Youth final rounds from USA and Spain.

The USA Floorball National Youth Tournament 2021 (U14) was held in Salt Lake City, Utah and witnessed an exciting and balanced competition. Every team in the tournament  won at least one game. Most of the players on these teams were new to floorball and the positive experience of the tournament left parents and kids asking where they could sign up for the next event.

— Our goal for the tournament was to create an opportunity for the U14 youth in the United States to have balanced, well-officiated, competitive play in an atmosphere of excellent sportsmanship and progression. We want to see floorball grow and be successful here, and from what I have seen, I think we accomplished our goal. All the kids had fun and made new friends, said tournament organizer Amy Liechty.

— I think this was the most competitive and exciting Youth Nationals so far, and I encourage all the talented players to be a part of the Y16 National Team program. It is available to anyone under 16, commented by Daniel Williamsson from USA Floorball and coach of Orlando.

Photo by USA Floorball


Furthermore, Youth Nationals also saw a very talented Y16 National Team competing in the adult tournament. Although facing daunting opposition playing more experienced adult players, they held their own and gave all the adult teams a run for the money.

USA Floorball National Youth Tournament 2021 (U14) final standings:
Gold – Orlando
Silver – Utah Blue
Bronze – Chicago


Final four tournament in Spain

The 2021 Spanish Cadet Championship (U16) was held at the Navaarmado Sports Center in El Escorial, Spain and ended with the title for Floorball Escorial. There were four teams classified for this final four tournament: Floorball Escorial (Champion of the regular season), CDE Valle A , CUF Leganes and CDE Valle B.

On Saturday both semifinals were clear in the scoreboard for Floorball Escorial who won 7-0 against CDE Valle B. The second semifinal between CDE Valle A and CUF Leganes had a similar result of 4-0 for CDE Valle A.  The bronze match was a very tight game with both teams having chances to win but it ended with a draw (2-2) after the regular game time hence the game had to go into extra time and CDE Valle B scored the golden goal just one minute after the start of the extra time.

Photo by Spanish Floorball Association


The final between Floorbal Escorial and CDE Valle A was played at a great physical level with both teams displaying a great desire to win gold. The beginning was for Floorball Escorial who prevailed on the scoreboard by 4 to 1 in the first period. But the CDE Valle A  didn’t give up and was able to have an even game with 2-2 as the result of this exciting period. It was a great start with two goals in the first three minutes and a tight score of 7-4 for Floorball Escorial. CDE Valle A didn’t stop to believe one second that they would be able to take this game into extra time and they were able to score the 7-5. But Floorball Escorial didn’t break down and scored  their next two consecutive goals which gave them a four goal lead. Floorball Escorial was capable to manage this lead (9-5) until the end of the game and were crowned with the gold medal. CDE Valle A never gave up, showed an impressive fighting spirit and were rewarded with the silver medal.

Spanish U16 National Championships final standings
Gold – Floorball Escorial
Silver – CDE Valle A
Bronze – CDE Valle B

Sources: USA Floorball and Spanish Floorball Association

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