On Sunday, the Swedish Floorball Federation held its annual meeting. Among other things, Märit Bergendahl was re-elected President for two new years.

— I look forward to leading Swedish Floorball on the exciting journey we have started, she says in Swedish Floorball Federation’s press release.

At the meeting, where associations and districts were represented, several important decisions were made for Swedish Floorball. One that was voted through was that Gästrikland IBF and Hälsingland IBF merged into one association – Gävleborgs Innebandyförbund.

Several of the board members were up for re-election, and all were re-elected.

Swedish Floorball Federation Central Board:

Märit Bergendahl (President) – re-election 2 years
Martin Klabere (Vice-President) – re-election 2 years
Lena Larsson – re-election 2 years
Ulf Holst – mandate until 2022
Victoria Wikström – mandate until 2022
Andreas Carlson – re-election 2 years
Helén Wiklund Wårell – re-election 2 years
Mats Romell – mandate until 2022
Carin Sjöberg – mandate until 2022

— Our board is strong and has made many good decisions for Swedish Floorball during recent seasons. I look forward to leading Swedish Floorball on the exciting journey we have started. Our board will be proactive and responsive to the best interests of the entire floorball community, says Märit Bergendahl.

Members were also elected to the Legal Committee and the Licensing Committee.

Legal Committee
Fredrik Borlie – Chair 2 years (new election)
Roger Häggkvist – Member 2 years (re-election)
Greger Sandell – Member 1 year (re-election)
Erika Palmeby – Member 1 year (re-election)
Daniel Sandberg – Member 2 years (re-election)

Licensing Committee
Lars Egenäs – Chairman 2 years (re-election)
Marie Welin – Member 2 years (re-election)
Lars-Gunnar Nilsson – Member 1 year (re-election)

Source: Swedish Floorball Federation

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