The Norwegian Floorball Association held their annual meeting digitally on the 13th of June and during the meeting Paal Saastad was re-elected as President and also the Central Board members were re-elected for one more year.

Apart from the Central Board elections there were some minor regulation changes approved during the meeting.

Norwegian Floorball Association Central Board:

Paal Saastad (President (Tunet IBK)
Ståle A. Wiig (Vice President) (Sarpsborg IBK)
Gitte Bjerkelund (1st board member) (Tunet IBK)
Stian Bredby (2nd board member) (Strømmen IBK)
Per Melbye (3rd board member) (Stavanger IBK)
Kristine Løken (4th board member) (St. Croix IBK)
Ragnhild R. Ådland (5th board member) (IL Fjell-Kameraterne)
Martin Gøranson (1st deputy member) (Bærums Verk Hauger IF)
Silje Elise Sundsmoen Johansen (2nd deputy member) (Nor92 IBK) (new)
Jørgen Karlsen (3rd deputy member) (Sarpsborg IBK) (new)

New teams in the Women’s League

Next season there will be two new teams, Østensjø and Stavanger, in the Women’s top league, which means that there will be eight teams in total. In the Men’s League, the same 11 teams will continue.

Source: Norwegian Floorball Association


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