Last weekend the Women’s Floorball National Championship was played in Madrid, Spain. The finals were played in a final four format and over two days. The men will play the same final four tournament during the weekend of 19th and 20th June 2021.

The first semi-final was played between Floorball Escorial (2nd ranked during the regular league) and CUF Leganes (3rd). The match was fairly intense, tight and even. It was such a close game that it needed to go into extra time to find a winner from that first semi-final. In the end it was CUF Leganes who scored the decisive goal and took a spot in the final. In the second semi-final of the day it was the battle between CDE Valle (1st) and Fénix San Lorenzo (4th). It was another tough encounter for both teams and it ended with a 6-3 victory for the local team CDE Valle.

Floorball Escorial win bronze

The final day brought two nerve-wracking games for gold respectively bronze. The bronze medal game between Floorball Escorial and Fénix San Lorenzo went into extra time. But this wasn’t enough yet; the game had no winner and had to go into penalty shooutout. It was Floorball Escorial who had the better end to their colours and took the bronze medal.

CDE Valle wins tight final

The grand final was another nail biter between CDE Valle and CUF Leganes. The match was again a very tight and even game and ended 1-1 after the regular game time. Hence, both teams had to go into extra time. Both teams tried to convert their scoring chances to avoid a penalty shooutout. However, none of them got to score the game winning goal. Finally, it was the penalty shots which had to decide between gold and silver. It was CDE Valle who was more successful and won the Spanish Championship.

The female season this year has been very affected by the Covid restrictions but nevertheless the Spanish Association and the clubs/teams managed to play quite a “normal” regular season and this Final Four Tournament was the wonderful end of this special season. Furthermore, all matches were streamed live and a small audience was allowed to enter the arena for the first time this season.

The four games can be re-watched from here:

Women’s semifinals:


Women’s Gold and Bronze medal games:


Men’s final four tournament during the weekend

The regular season just ended for the men’s teams which has been affected by the Covid restrictions (no spectators and masks all the time). Instead of playoff matches – there will be played the final four format tournament to determine the winners of the various medals. The top four teams after the regular season are: CUF Leganes, Floorball Escorial, CDE Valle and Fenix San Lorenzo.

The games (1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd) will be played at EL Escorial. The bronze and gold medal games will then be followed on this Sunday. It is planned to stream the men’s games as well but the links are not yet available.

Source and more information: Spanish Floorball Association

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