After a four-year term, the highest body of the Slovak Floorball Association, the Conference, elected a new Central Board for the association. Mgr. Martin Kopejtko from Košice was elected President of Slovak Floorball.

The previous President of Slovak Floorball, Oto Divinský, did not run for the position, mainly for family reasons:

— After eight years of my functioning in the management of the Slovak Floorball Association, my term of the office will come to an end on the first day of May. I have decided not to run anymore, mainly for family reasons. I have felt exhaustion as well, but mostly, I want to make space for other people, who will bring something new. Enthusiasm, new ideas and fresh vision. I want Slovak Floorball to continue with its progress, Mr. Divinský writes in a letter to the IFF, and continues:

— I would like to thank you for the support we have always felt from your side, for the intensive cooperation, help and joint meetings that I have had the opportunity to experience with you at the international events. We made the best effort, so the IFF events held in Slovakia, were perfectly organised and the participants went home with pleasant feelings. I firmly believe that we have succeeded. Thank you very much for everything and I believe that we will meet again at some floorball event in the near future.

The IFF wants to thank Mr. Oto Divinský for the smooth co-operation during the years, and for the perfectly run organising committees in Slovakia, and wishes him all the best for his future endeavours!

Online Conference elected new Central Board

At the historically first online conference of the Slovak Floorball Association, Martin Kopejtko was elected the fifth President of the association.

— I am convinced that floorball in Slovakia has a legitimate ambition to work effectively on the professionalisation of the association and the clubs, educating of referees and coaches, increase awareness and media attention and bring an annual gradual increase in members, said the new President Kopejtko in the Slovak Floorball Association press release, adding:

— My goal is to make national competitions more attractive and to produce the best school sports competition under our wings. In the field of sports, I want to participate in the success that I see in the progress of both our senior national teams in the world rankings and introduce the tradition of the Slovak Cup, so that we can offer a model that involves clubs at lower levels. 

In addition to the President position, five Central Board members were also elected. The athletes will be represented by Juraj Matejka and other members are Mgr. Juraj Hvozdík, Ing. Patrik Bulko, PhD., Roman Cíbik, Jakub Klobučník and Mgr. Miroslav Kunštek.

Both the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee Mgr. Pavol Vrábeľ and the Vice-chairman of the same commission Mgr. Stanislav Terez remain in their positions.

Source and more information on the Slovak Floorball Association website.

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