Swedish Floorball and Swedish Television (SVT) have signed an agreement regarding the upcoming World Floorball Championships (WFCs). The agreement extends over 2021 with the possibility of continued cooperation over several years.

— For Swedish Floorball, the agreement means that we have the all time widest distribution of the sport, says Secretary General Mikael Ahlerup in Swedish Floorball Federation’s press release.

SVT will broadcast both the Women’s and Men’s WCFs this winter, the Women’s WFC in Uppsala and the Men’s WFC in Helsinki. The broadcasts will cover both Sweden’s and other nations’ matches and will begin with the Women’s WFC at the IFU Arena, 27th of November – 5th of December. Then the Men’s WFC awaits, 3rd – 11th of December.

— For floorball it means a lot that SVT and the quality they represent choose to invest in our sport. Sweden’s national team in floorball is a world leader, and in addition, the broadcasts mean that we finally get the chance to really reach the entire Swedish population, which I believe we have deserved, says Stefan Jonasson, Marketing and Event manager for Swedish Floorball.

— One of the most important issues for us in the work of taking Swedish Floorball to the next level has been to get a wider population to discover and take an interest in our sport. Now we are there. Our goal is to become the national sport in Sweden and the agreement with SVT is completely in line with the development we have wanted to see and is directly linked to the determined work that our entire sport has put in, says Mikael Ahlerup.

SVT’s Sorts Director Åsa Edlund Jönsson:

— Sweden’s both national floorball teams are always fighting for medals, which makes these championships extra interesting for our large TV audience. The fact that the Women’s WFC will be decided at home ground in 2021 gives an extra spice to this investment that we at SVT are now making.

Source: Swedish Floorball Federation

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