It was a very successful final day of Czech Floorball Cup for Vitkovice. Both teams from Ostrava won in Chomutov Sports Hall both categories after a thrilling event. It was the fourth trophy for each of the both teams.

The women’s final took place first and it was a battle between the two best teams from the Czech Extraliga. Vitkovice were better in the first period, but Chodov’s Christianova – best goalkeeper of 2021 WFC in Uppsala – stopped all shots. Chodov managed to take the lead in the second period; within 70 seconds Prontekerova and Keprtova, from rebound in power-play scored. It was an important goal by Ferencikova after five minutes in the third period. Vitkovice continued to throw attack by attack against Christianova (in the end stopped 88,89% of all shots) it was only in the last quarter of the game when Huskova was able to score the equalizer. The Czech Cup gold medal team had to be decided in over time. It was Team Captain Ferencikova who scored the game winning goal with a fast shot. This was the first trophy of the day for 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice.

The second game of the daty between Vitkovice and Sparta Prague in the men’s final was very dramatic as well. The team from Ostrava took the lead during the last seconds of the opening period. Sparta was quickly able to tie the game, but Vitkovice scored again and  it was the eight minutes before the end of the second period when goalie Benes might have made the one mistake (left to goal cage to kick the ball and did not hit the ball) which could lead to an early decision of the game – Zubek very easily scored then that important goal for a two goal lead by Vitkovice. Sparta was playing well, did not give up at any time and tried to tie the game again and again. It was Ujhelyi who scored twice in power-play, but Vitkovice quickly answered with another goal for each goal scored by the team from the capitol city Prague. It was the second trophy of the day for team 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice who won 6-4 against AC Sparta Praha.


Fotos by Martin FLOUSEK

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