The quarter-finals have ended in the Women’s Extraliga and four teams continue to the semi-finals. The first semi-final matches are played on 8th of May. Men’s Livesport Superliga semi-finals will start this weekend. The Superfinal will be played on Saturday 12th of June in Prague. 


Extraliga semi-finals

Vítkovice, Chodov and Ostrava secured their semi-final spots first. Vítkovice won the quarter-final series against 8th placed Olomouc 4-0 in matches. Similarly, Chodov decided their quarter-final series 4-0 against FbŠ Bohemians. FBC Ostrava also continued to semi-finals after four wins against Panthers Prague.

The quarter-final series between Tatran Střešovice and Floorball Židenice turned out to be more even. Tatran won the first three matches, but Židenice took home the next two. Finally the series was decided in the sixth match, when Tatran won 5-4 after penalty shootout. Veronika Kopecká scored the decisive goal.

The regular season winner Vítkovice could choose their semi-final opponent first and ended up choosing their rival from Ostrava. In the other semi-final, Chodov and Tatran will play for the spot in the final. The semi-finals are played with best of seven system.

Semi-finals pairs
Vítkovice – FBC Ostrava
Chodov – Tatran Střešovice

Livesport Superliga semi-finals

The semi-finals in the Men’s Livesport Superliga will begin on the upcoming weekend. Vítkovice and Sparta Prague will meet in their first match on Saturday, on the 1st of May and Florbal MB and Chodov will start their semi-final series on Sunday the 2nd. The semi-finals are played with best of seven system.

Semi-final pairs
Vítkovice – Sparta Prague
Florbal MB – Chodov

Source and more information on Czech Floorball website.

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