The IFF Referee Committee (RC) had its first meeting of the year on the 8th of April 2021. The main topic on the agenda was the Physical Play project, which has been ongoing since last autumn. Also the upcoming referee nominations were discussed.

Due to the Covid-19 there haven’t been any tournaments played since February 2020 and therefore there were no classifications of the referees to be considered and the main focus was to get prepared for the future events and how the referee nominations will be made. The RC decided that referees from the playing countries or from neighbouring countries would be nominated, so that they can use cars for travelling. If there are travel restrictions and requirements for the quarantines, then only referees from the playing countries will be used, so that the games can be played. IFF’s major events will be decided separately depending on the present Covid-19 situation.

—There was not that much to decide in this meeting and the main focus was to update the situation to the RC members and decide how to move forward regarding the referee nominations and naturally the Physical Play project, says Mr. Carlos Lopez, the chair of the IFF Referee Committee.

The RC had a broad discussion about the Physical Play project and the next step will be taken during the upcoming weeks. The RC will produce a document, which will be sent to the IFF Rules and Competition Committee (RACC) for discussion and then move forward. The RC was in the opinion that the problem is mainly educational and there are some controversial terminology in the rule book that will to be updated by the rule group for the upcoming rules of the game edition 2022.

— These are still challenging times but we sure do hope that we would be able to start to play more widely latest after the summer, being naturally careful with the Covid, Mr. Lopez concludes.

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