The Men’s and Women’s Cup winners were decided on the 18th of April in Denmark. Copenhagen FC won the Women’s Cup and Frederikshavn Blackhawks the Men’s Cup 2021.

Women’s Cup Final

In the Women’s Cup final, Copenhagen FC crushed the defending Cup champions AaB Floorball. Copenhagen FC was especially strong in the second period, winning the period 7-2 and the Cup final with a clear margin 13-3.

The Women’s MVP of the Cup was Copenhagen Floorball Club’s forward Klara Fjorder.

AaB Floorball defeated the Frederikshavn Blackhawks in Saturday’s semi-final 9-5 and Copenhagen FC defeated Rødovre FC 10-3. Check the results here.

Men’s Cup Final

In the Men’s Cup final Frederikshavn Blackhawks played strong in the start and were leading already 5-1 against Hvidovre Attack FC. Hvidovre was however able to reduce the lead to 5-4, before the Blackhawks finally decided the game with two empty net goals, when Hvidovre played without goalkeeper.

The Men’s MVP of the Cup was Hvidovre Attack’s goalkeepeer Kasper Eriksen.

Blackhawks also won the semi-final against Rødovre with the same numbers 7-4 and Hvidovre Attack FC beat Strandby Elling IF 8-4. Check the results here.

– Both matches were incredibly exciting and were a clear display of how far floorball has come in Denmark, and how high the skill ceiling is. The players displayed such extraordinary skill, speed and coordination despite a year-long hiatus from the sport, said Floorball Denmark’s Communications Consultant Thomas Alexander Kær Kønig.

Source & more information: Floorball Denmark

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