The IFF Central Board member Mr. Carlos Lopez from Spain ran a floorball development webinar on Sunday the 28th of March with the Latin American countries. The participating countries were Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

The webinar mainly concentrated to inform the participants how the IFF works, what kind of member services IFF has and a joint discussion of how to develop floorball in different countries. Based on the discussion the outcome was that there are challenges to establish and develop a “new” sport and to find not only players, but also persons who can run the organisations.

– We’ve had a lot of communication with the Latin American countries via e-mail, but I have to say that the webinar was much better option and we had a really good conversations. We were able to get more information of the needs of the countries, says Mr. Carlos Lopez.

Planning future Development Seminars

There is a strong need for further development assistance in Latin America and especially coaching seminars are planned to be held in the future:

– The IFF needs to find a way to offer coaching education to the Latin American countries and as soon as we can continue the Floorball Development Seminar Programme, we need to consider to organise a seminar in Latin America, which was actually our plan before the pandemic, Mr. Lopez informs.

The webinar also brought up the possibility to increase co-operation between the nations, which is vital to secure the development inside the continent. The challenge in the future is also to try to increase the number of member associations in Latin America and also to increase the participation in the IFF events, which is also very important for the development of floorball.

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