Storvreta, Kalmarsund, Falun and Mullsjö will play in the Men’s semi-finals in Sweden. In the Women’s SSL, three out of four quarter-final series have been decided, Thorengruppen, Pixbo and Endre have advanced to the women’s semi-finals.


Men’s semi-finals

Both Storvreta and Kalmarsund won their quarter-final series 4-1 in matches and Falun was the third team to make it to the semi-finals. The  quarter-final pair Mullsjö – Dalen was the tightest, but in the end it was Mullsjö that advanced to the semi-finals after winning the series 4-2. Two of the matches were only decided on overtime. Check the play-off schedule & results here.

Semi-final pairs (regular season ranking)

Storvreta (1) – Mullsjö (4)
Kalmarsund (2) – Falun (3)

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Women’s semi-finals

Thorengruppen, Pixbo and Endre only needed three matches to secure their place in the SSL semi-finals. In the last quarter-final pair, Mora is currently leading with 2-1 in matches against Sirius. The fourth match is played on the 2nd of April. Check the play-off schedule & results here.


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