The four best Women’s F-liiga teams in Finland are now ready for the semi-finals and the first matches are played on Saturday 3rd of April. In the Men’s F-liiga, Oilers became the first team to make it to the finals.


Oilers first team in the Men’s finals

The Men’s semi-finals have been really exciting in Finland. Oilers was the first team to advance to the finals after defeating TPS in the semi-final series 4-2. The other semi-final series, Classic – Nokian KrP is 3-3 in matches and the decisive seventh match is played on 1st of April. Follow the results here.

Oilers (2) – TPS (3) 4-2, Oilers will play in the finals
Classic (1) – Nokian KrP (4) 3-3

Nurmon Jymy has secured their spot in F-liiga for next season and Karhut from Pori will also play in the F-liiga next season.

Oilers players celebrating the overtime win against TPS. Photo by Anssi Koskinen


Women’s semi-finals

The first team to make it to the semi-finals was SB-Pro who defeated TPS 3-0 in matches. Also SSRA and PSS had quite an easy job to advance to the semi-finals after winning their quarter-final series 3-1. The fourth quarter-final pair, FBC Loisto – Classic, was more even and in the end it was Classic who won the decisive fifth match, against the reigning Cup winner, and made it to the semi-finals.

Women’s semi-finals (best of five)

SB-Pro – Classic

Quarter-final results (regular season rankings)

SB-Pro (1) – TPS (7) 3-0
SSRA (2) – EräViikingit (8) 3-1
PSS (3) – Koovee (6) 3-1
FBC Loisto (4) – Classic (5) 2-3

The Women’s F-liiga will have a new team next season with SS Nova from Helsinki.


Source: F-liiga men & F-liiga women

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