The Slovak club Tsunami Záhorská Bystrica has developed an on-line floorball training initiative that now involves five floorball clubs from Slovakia and one club from Czech Republic.

There is little chance to train or play regular floorball in Slovakia and the Czech Republic these days due to the Covid-19 situation. But this does not mean that it would be impossible to stay in touch with floorball. Lots of kids have joined the Slovak club Tsunami Záhorská Bystrica initiative by the youth team coaches Stanislav Hujo and Juraj Hvozdík.

– I do on-line training with my teams as any other club do nowadays. But I was thinking about some improvement to make our training sessions more joyful for kids. I then started to organise “matches” between children from my teams and their parents at the beginning, but then, with support from Juraj, we started to organise fitness and skill sessions among youth teams of our club. As it was ok for all the participants, we extended it outside of our club Tsunami, says the main organiser Stanislav Hujo.

Under obstacle floorball exercise by Jozef Chamraz/Tsunami

And it was successful try. It spread from one club to six clubs from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, from one category to four categories (U9-U15), and from approximately 20 kids in the beginning to more than 180 girls and boys doing weekly exercises.

Due to effort of trainers of all participating clubs, Tsunami Záhorská Bystrica, FK Florko Košice, FBC Grasshoppers AC Uniza Žilina, Florbalový klub AS Trenčín and ŠK Lido from Slovakia and Bulldogs Brno from the Czech Republic, the joint trainings are really good ways to meet each other. The joint training sessions are organised on Objav Florbal Facebook.

Girls and boys complete three fitness exercises followed with three floorball drills plus three more based on their own wish. It starts with video preview what is going to be exercised, how to do things properly, and kids complete different exercises in one minute intervals like: strength, jumping, mixing, dribbling, etc. Then there is a short evaluation at the end of a meeting, but according to Martin Kopejtko, coach of FK Florko Košice:

– The Winning is not an aim of these meetings, it is to keep children interested in floorball.

Daniel Baránek, FBC Grasshoppers AC Uniza Žilina trainer adds:

– If there is not a chance to meet each other in sports gyms, those exercises are the way how to meet with friends from different cities.

Comments from the children attending the online sessions:

  • Natália Galčíková (FK Florko Košice): I like on-line matches very much, I enjoy them.
  • Adam Adamov (FBC Grasshoppers AC Uniza Žilina): The meetings are good in that we see how the other teams are doing, too.
  • Šimon Stano (FK Florko Košice): It is great! It is good that we as a team can compete against teams from the other side of Slovakia, even from the Czech Republic.

Radim Komínek, the coach of Bulldogs Brno summarises:

– These joint training sessions are pleasant diversification of a training process. Because training makes champions and girls and boys are real champions.


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Photos & text by: Juraj Hvozdík, Tsunami Záhorská Bystrica

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