Are you an international level floorball player with a strong passion for increasing awareness of floorball globally? Would you like to create and share content from your country, your team, and other activities of an international level player? If yes, you can apply to become one of the first IFF Social Media Ambassadors!

We look for international level players who are already passionate about our sport and are willing to contribute by creating content from different parts of the floorball world through for example:

  • Participate in IFF campaigns and IFF stakeholder campaigns through for example posts, videos.
  • Participate in for example IFF Instagram takeover’s during a national floorball camp, national/international event or other floorball related activity.
  • Participate in IFF interviews upon request.
  • Sharing interesting updates from the floorball country with the IFF communication team
  • Provide opinions on specific IFF and floorball related topics upon request.
  • Be active in sharing ideas of other possible ways to contribute to increase IFF’s social media engagement.

– We believe that there is unused potential in floorball players that could be utilised for building excitement and spreading the word about our sport globally. As the IFF is quite far from the athletes comparing to for example club teams or Member Associations, we need to find different solutions to engage with our athletes. The current pandemic has also forced us to look for new ways to reach out to the players, when the direct contacts that usually takes place during events have ceased to exist, says IFF Communications and Anti-Doping Manager Merita Bruun.


Social Media Ambassador persona

The aim is to find committed Social Media Ambassadors, who represent different floorball countries, different genders, and ages. The minimum age is 15 years (and for players under 18, we will need a consent from the parents).

The players should preferably be international-level players (be part of an adult or junior national team), should be able to understand and write in English and have the skills to create content on social media platforms.

The Social Media Ambassadors should also respect the core values of the IFF.

IFF is:

  • Inclusive – We are equal, flexible and open
  • Fun – Floorball is both accessible and attractive
  • Fair – We are transparent, and our sport is clean
  • Innovative – We are progressive and ambitious
  • Supportive – We co-operate and work together towards solidarity

– The expected commitment will depend a bit on individual preferences, and can be discussed case by case, but we expect that the IFF Social Media Ambassadors would contribute in one way or another around 5-10 times annually, IFF Information Coordinator Mari Myllärinen explains.


Why become an IFF Social Media Ambassador?

The role is voluntary based, but by joining the team of IFF Social Media Ambassadors you are part of the international floorball community and involved in reaching IFF’s Strategic Key Priority: to raise the awareness and visibility of floorball.

You can help to create a bigger and engaging international floorball community, especially on social media. In addition, you can increase the awareness of your floorball country, your team, your teammates, and yourself as a floorball player. Furthermore, you can get insider information of the activities of an international sport federation and the organisation’s initiatives and broaden your social network through the IFF and other IFF Social Media Ambassadors.

All IFF Social Media Ambassadors will also get a certificate with information of their contributions.


Apply now!

Send us a letter of interest with a short motivation letter presenting yourself and telling us why you should be one of the first IFF Social Media Ambassadors. Please also include information of what kind of contributions you would be interested, and what kind of social media content you could provide the floorball community. The letter of interest with motivation letter should be sent to by 12th of April 2021.

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