KAC Foorball has been crowned Austrian Men’s  Bundesliga Final-4 champion 2020-21. In an entertaining 7-3 victory against FBC Dragons Vienna the KAC Floorball “Red Jackets” also gained the remaining place for the national championship play-offs starting this weekend.

KAC will now join Wiener Floorball Verein, VSV Unihockey and IC Graz to fight for the National Championship title. The first play-off matches are played this weekend.

This year was different for the Austrian, Hungarian and Slovenian teams as no international league was played.

Women’s Bundesliga

TVZ Wikings were able to gain a place in women’s finals after securing a second win in the second game against FBC Dragons. Meanwhile, Linz/Rum fought back against WFV and forced a decisive third game.

Source & more information: Austrian Floorball Association

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