Competitive floorball returned to Singapore on Saturday the 6th of March as the Back2Floorball Modified League got underway with 20 Men’s teams and 17 Women’s teams. 

Among the changes to the tournament was a reduction in the number of players per team from six  (five players and a goalkeeper) to four a side (3 versus 3 + goalies). The games were also split into three periods of 15 minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes, and teams had to play with three separate groups players for each period. The Back2Floorball league will continue for the next two to three months.

With fewer players present at the courts, the competition venue was significantly quieter according to Black Wonderstick’s forward Amshar Amin, who was interviewed by The Straits Times after the game:

– All of us were excited for this competition because we can showcase what we’d been training for and we need that competitive edge on top of just training with our teammates. It was a bit weird at the start when I stepped into the court and no one was making any noise. You’re missing about 17 people that normally share the bench with you, but these are minor changes that we can adapt to.

Black Wonderstick had a great start and beat Ainos 13-4 on Saturday at Our Tampines Hub.

Source: Singapore Floorball Association & The Straits Times

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