The upcoming weekend marks the beginning of the 2020/21 Women’s Bundesliga play-offs in Austria. Four teams made it to the play-offs and continue the fight for the championship.

Regular season winner TVZ Wikings managed to conquer first place thanks to a great performance in the last games. They are seen as favourites going into the series against FBC Dragons, after winning all three duels during the season (8-3, 6-3, 10-4).

The series between FSG Linz/Rum and WFV is expected to be as entertaining as the other pair. WFV managed to win two games during the regular season (7-6 ps, 8-0), but are warned due to the 0-4 defeat at the hands of the reigning champion.


6.3.2021 13:00 – FBC Dragons vs. TVZ Wikings
6.3.2021 14:00 – FSG Linz/Rum vs. WFV
13.3.2021 11:30 – TVZ Wikings vs. FBC Dragons
13.3.2021 14:00 – WFV vs. FSG Linz/Rum
20.3.2021 14:00 – TVZ Wikings vs. FBC Dragons
20.3.2021 14:00 – FSG Linz/Rum vs. WFV

The play-offs are played in best of five series.

Source: Austrian Floorball Association

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