The SELECT Men’s and Women’s leagues will start again from the beginning of March in Denmark. The decision was made in collaboration with the league teams and based on the recommendation from Floorball Denmark. 

The first matches are after the re-start scheduled to be played on the 3rd of March with two Men’s League matches: Benløse FC v. Vanløse Floorball and Frederikshavn Blackhawks v. Sunds Seahawks FC (complete schedule). The first Women’s League matches are played on the 6th of March: Frederikshavn Blackhawks v. AaB Floorball and Herning Pirates v. ÅFK (complete schedule).

The top leagues in Denmark are categorised as professional sports. The top national senior leagues are exempt from the assembly ban, as long as recognised by the DIF (Sports Confederation of Denmark). The exemption further applies to all athletes and teams competing at the high international level and all DIF federations’ senior national teams.

Similar to other countries, the start of the leagues in Denmark is tied to testing of players, referees and staff. The decision is also based on the great joint responsibility between Floorball Denmark and the respective clubs.

The tournament committee has further decided, in collaboration with the city of Brønderslev, to move Pokal Final4 to 17th-18th April. This will increase the likelihood of a better event being held with the opportunity of having spectators. In addition, a general call has come from DIF to push large events until as late in the spring as possible.

Source: Floorball Denmark

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