The Finnish Cup finals were decided on Saturday in Riihimäki. FBC Loisto won 5-4 against SB-Pro and SPV took a 6-5 win against Nokian KrP. 

Women’s final

The young team of FBC Loisto were after their first Cup title while the reigning Cup champion SB-Pro were looking for their fourth Cup title. Anu Raatevaara started the scoring and made the first goal for SB-Pro. The three goals after that were all from Loisto. SB-Pro were able to get even and in the end of the second period the game was 3-3. In the last period Saana Lenkkeri and Henrika Maikola took FBC Loisto to a two-goal lead. SB-Pro tried to come back to the game without the goalkeeper and the shot from Ina Leminen took them to 4-5. This was not enough and FBC Loisto could celebrate their successful Cup journey and their first Finnish Cup title.

Photo by Juhani Järvenpää

Men’s final

In the Men’s final, Nokian KrP were after their first Cup title and SPV their second. The teams had met previously during the week in F-liiga, when SPV took home a 8-6 win. The Cup final was a great chance for Nokian KrP for rematch and the start of the game looked promising. Henri Johansson finished his hat-trick in the second period and KrP were already in the 4-1 lead. But the game was not over. Jari Hankkio and Juuso Keskinen scored two goals for SPV in 11 seconds. In the third period, Aapo Lokasaari equalized and Henri Urmas took SPV in the 5-4 lead. When Hankkio scored his second in powerplay, it started to look like the Cup was going to Seinäjoki. Nico Jonaeson scored one more for KrP, but it was not enough and SPV took home the Cup title with the 6-5 win.


Watch the match replays on IFF YouTube Channel 1:



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