Cote d’ivoire Floorball Federation has signed a partnership agreement with the local sports equipment manufacturer KouessP sport.

The partnership agreement between FIFL and Kouessp Sport was finalised on Wednesday 20th January 2021. The equipment manufacturer KouessP Sport will be in charge of dressing in particular the national team selections and providing the necessary sports equipment.

The President of Côte d’Ivoire Floorball Federation Mr. Marcel Wadja confirmed the partnership:

– KouessP and FIFL both have the will to improve day by day and this ambition is the basis of this partnership. We fully recognise ourselves in the KouessP sport “never alone” quote. It is for us a great pride to be associated with a local brand.

Source & more information: Cote d’ivoire Floorball Federation & KouesP sport


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