The current female representatives on the IFF Athletes’ Commission (ATC) will end their term in February 2021. Elections for the new representatives will be held via an online survey and the elected representatives will serve on the ATC from 2021 – 2025.

At the beginning of 2020 the new male representatives on the IFF Athletes’ Commission were elected, and it is now time for the female representatives to be chosen. All IFF Member Associations were invited to nominate a representative and a total of 11 nominations were received, three of those being re-nominations of current ATC members.

Elections for the ATC are usually held in conjunction with the adult World Championships Qualifications, however, as these have all now been postponed until later in the year, due to Covid-19, a new election process will be used. An online survey will be sent to all IFF Member Associations, who will then select up to 20 of their female national representative players to participate in the voting. In the past, the voting has only been open to players from countries participating in the qualification events, but the IFF Central Board have decided that with the use of the survey voting system, the voting will be opened up to all Member Associations. This means that the number of possible voters will increase from around 500 to over 1,200.

All nominees were asked to prepare a short video of themselves, which you can watch below:

Kabaziba Daphine

“I have been a player representative in Uganda for some time and I know what we players go through. I want to represent not only my club and country, but also Floorball players throughout the world since most of us, especially in Africa, go through almost the same problems.”

Kabaziba’s video

Josefina Eiremo (re-nomination)

“It is important that we make the players’ voices heard and for me it is an honour to have the chance to continue to contribute to the development of floorball.” 

Josefina’s video

Karen Farnes

“I see this as an opportunity to use my ideas and experience together with other members to give something back to the sport I love.”


Karen’s video

Lara Heini

“Floorball stands at an interesting and ground-breaking point between authentic amateur sport and professionalisation. I would like to be a part of it and help to shape the future of our beloved sport.”

Lara’s video

Neha Kiyani

“Being part of the Athletes’ Commission would mean that I could meet and learn from the very best, to help develop Floorball in Pakistan and break boundaries for girls in sport.”

Neha’s video

Linda Lice

“I’m really glad for all the experiences that I have gained in floorball so far and I will be happy to share it in international level to help develop our sport further.”

Linda’s video

Camilla Olshov

“I know that many might think that I’m too young for this role, however, floorball is developing very fast and I think it would be beneficial to have the perspective of a very young person.”

Camilla’s video

Sangeeta Rathi

“I have been working hard to spread the awareness and beauty of the sport. I think it is very important that people from the countries where floorball is making a new space for itself, should take active participation so that the floorball can get a boost up.”

Sangeeta’s video

Lidwien Reehuis (re-nomination)

“The road of every athlete and it’s team is different, with positive and negative bumps. Coming from a country where floorball is a small sport, I understand that very well.”

Lidwien’s video

Sophie Scott
New Zealand

“I have experience being a player at different levels, coach, referee, administrator and supporter. I believe coming from New Zealand, where we are a bunch of culturally diverse people, will help me to consider and represent people from all sorts of backgrounds.” 

Sophie’s video

Yui Takahashi (re-nomination)

“I have learned that to deliver the voices from Asia to the IFF is a very important mission. I know that I can do it, so I really want to keep working in the ATC.”

Yui’s video


Athletes’ Commission voting

IFF Athletes’ Commission (ATC) voting is open to all IFF Member Associations. As the elections are for the female ATC representatives the voting is limited to only (20) female players. The voting closes on 14th of February.


For more information on the ATC and its work visit:

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