Stricct Travel will be the new event partner for Swedish Floorball. At the same time, the company will be the main partner of the Swedish Floorball Cup.

Swedish Floorball Federation has a packed year ahead of it with many events waiting. Among other things, both the U19 Women’s World Floorball Championships and the Women’s World Floorball Championships are arranged in May and November/December in Uppsala.

To spearhead the work around all events, Stricct Travel is now coming in as a new event partner. The agreement is signed until 2023.

– With its professionalism and commitment to sports, it feels natural that Stricct Travel will become part of Swedish Floorball. Both they and we want to work forward and find solutions to optimise everything that is included in our events. This is a real boost for floorball that will strengthen us from several aspects, says Swedish Floorball Federation’s Marketing and Event Manager Stefan Jonasson.

Stricct Travel will also be the main partner for the newly started Swedish Cup, which will be seen and noticed a lot when floorball starts after the summer. The goal is to complete the finals on the women’s and men’s side at a major event in late autumn – where of course Stricct will have an important part of the overall experience.

– We are extremely proud to be a main partner of Swedish Floorball and, among other things, be seen and work together with the world’s best national team. Despite an extremely tough year during the pandemic, we choose to continue investing in the crisis that prevails in the travel industry, says Johan Wallertz at Stricct Travel, and continues:

– Floorball is one of the biggest sports we have in Sweden, so our plan is of course to become the floorball supplier in Sweden. It is great to know that our investment also goes to all great clubs in Sweden, it makes our partnership even better.

Stricct Travel is a company organising business and sport travel.

Source & more information: Swedish Floorball Federation

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