In addition to the temporary transfer rule published earlier in November, the IFF Executive Committee (ExCo) has made a decision to extend the final date of when the player is allowed to return to the country they transferred from when the league has been suspended due to Covid-19. 

The IFF Office has received a number of requests from different countries regarding the possibility to make a return transfer after 15th January, the official transfer window closing date.

– Due to the continued development of the Covid-19 pandemic and the further delayed re-starts of the league in several Associations a number of requests have arrived from different countries of the possibility to make return transfers later than the ordinary last day (15th of January). To give players the possibility to play in these difficult times the IFF ExCo approved the exception to the transfer rules for the Covid-19 and this way not interfering in matches played after the ordinary basic series in any countries, says the IFF Secretary General, John Liljelund.

In addition to the ordinary transfer regulations and the temporary transfer rule, the following is in charge:

A player who has transferred from a member association during the ordinary transfer period, where the series are stopped or paused due to the Covid-19, can transfer back to the country the player transferred from also after the 15th of January.

However, if the player has played in the country the player transferred to in a relegating, promoting, play-out or play-off match/matches, the player is not entitled to transfer before the actual transfer season 2021 starts on the 1st of July 2021. Normal transfer fees apply, except the return transfer will always be handled as an express transfer but only normal fee to be paid.

Read more about the transfer rules due to Covid-19 here.

A step-by-step instruction on how to complete the transfer can be found here.
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