Flemming Kühl and Philipp Wilbrand from Germany were the only World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup contestants who took part in the competition as a pair. They competed as Floorballzone and finished third in the Adult category. 

You received a lot of support in the first ever World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup, how did that feel?
Flemming: We really appreciate that support. Thanks to everyone who voted for us and also voted for someone else and participated in this challenge!

Philipp: It’s amazing to see the support from all over the world. Next time we will go for gold!

You were the only team to participate in the WVFFC. What made you participate together? Have you previously “performed” together?

Flemming: We wanted to make something special in that 15-30 seconds. We thought that it’s nice if you have great skills, but we need more. So we tried it with two persons and in the same rhythm. It was a big challenge, but it was fun too. Philipp and myself always try new tricks or moves and show them ourselves. Together with the whole Floorballzone17 there was much time we performed together and a lot more to come.

How did you first start playing floorball and what is your floorball background?

Philipp: I started playing at a really young age, when I was three. My mum took me and my two years older brother to the training where he was supposed to train. But after some time I started playing as well.

Flemming: I played Floorball for the first time in school. Then I started when I was 11 in a really small club. After I managed to join the U19 national team when I was 16, I drove 3,5 hours to training every week two times to play in the first German league for Hamburg. After I finished school I played one year in Switzerland for SV Wiler Ersigen and now I live an d play in Hamburg. 

You participated as the Floorballzone and that is also the name of your floorball channel. Why did you first set up the Floorballzone17?

Flemming: 1,5 years ago I started this project, because I wanted to spread Floorball and the knowledge of Floorball for players, coaches and everybody who is interested. I just thought that there are not that many big Floorball projects in social media and I wanted to help the sport to be more present. Then some friends of my club and friends joined that project and I am really happy about that. After the first year and 5000 followers on Instagram we decided to put our project to the next Level and now we produce Youtube Clips too. We still just want to have fun and we want our sport to get more attention. Everyone needs to know the best sport in the world. 

You both have represented the German national team. What has been your best memory from the international events? And do you have some future goals considering the national team?
Philipp: My most memorable moment was definitely winning the U19 WFC B Division. Everything had been exceptional and the whole tournament was just a once in a lifetime experience. My future goal is to represent the German U19 national team at the WFC 2021 the best way possible and secure Germany the spot in the A Division. For the time after the U19 national team I want to make it to the men’s national team to gain international experience.

Flemming: I really love every international event. On one hand  there is nothing better to play with the best from your country, who are like a second family for me, and compete against other national teams and on the other hand it’s always an unbelievable feeling to be a part of that professionally organised events and you get something back for what you invest. If I have to choose one game I would say the World Championship 2018 opening game against Czech Republic in front of 12 400 spectators. That was absolutely overwhelming.

What did you think about this new Freestyle Floorball event concept? Would you like to see event concepts like this in the future as well? And would you like to improve the concept in some way?

Both: We really like that concept and don’t know what could be improved. No matter what is the next competition, we will participate for sure ;)

You can follow Flemming and Philipp on social media:

Instagram: Floorballzone17

YouTube: Floorballzone17

The first ever  World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup is now over, but the IFF has asked the top contestants to answer some questions in order to present the top athletes to all floorball fans. All WVFFC top contestant presentations are found here!

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