The first ever World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup is now over, but the IFF has asked the top contestants to answer some questions in order to present the top athletes to all floorball fans. The U16 category winner Agnes Holgersson has played floorball for 10 years already and says she gets inspiration for freestyle tricks from Instagram. 

Congrats for winning the U16 category in the first ever World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup, how does it feel to be the voted as champion?

– It feels great! I am very thankful for all the votes I got. I didn’t expect to win at all.

What is your floorball background, when did you start playing and where do you play now?

– I started playing when I was around six years old in Storvreta IBK and I have been playing there since then.

How much do you practise different technical freestyle moves and when and why did you start doing that?

– I practise on my skills everyday, at least about five hours a week. Sometimes much more than that. I train in the evenings and in the weekends. I started for about 4 years ago because I was inspired by videos on Instagram and I wanted to do the same.

Your WVFFC video included a special “football trick”, is that your special signature move, and how much have you practised that?

– I haven’t actually train on the “football trick” much at all. I saw someone doing it with a football and it looked cool so I tried it.

What did you think about this new Freestyle Floorball event concept? Would you like to see event concepts like this in the future as well? And would you like to improve the concept in some way?

– I think this idea was really good! It was a funny event to participate in during the pandemic. I hope this kind of events will appear again. If I would change something I would like to have different categories. Maybe one with only zorro, one with juggling as I did and one with spectacular goals.

Would you like to send some regards to the floorball fans who voted for you in the World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup?

– THANK YOU EVERYONE that voted for me! I never thought my video would go viral. Thanks for all your likes and shares.

You can follow Agnes Holgersson on social media:

Instagram: ah_innebandy

More WVFFC top player presentations will be published on the IFF website soon!

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