Petri Kettunen has extended his contract as head coach of the Czech Men’s national team and will be coaching the Czech team at the Men’s World Floorball Championships in Helsinki, Finland, played in December 2021.

– My main interest was to continue with the Czech national team, I adapted everything to that, Kettunen said in Czech Floorball’s interview.

Petri Kettunen, world champion coach with Finland 2016, will also be part of the Czech men’s national team in December 2021. Actually, he should have started a full-time position at the Eerikkilä Sports Institute in Finland from February, so the Czechs should have looked for a new national team coach.

How did the negotiations on the new contract go?
– I and the representatives of Czech floorball were interested in continuing. From the first moment when it was clear that the WFC 2020 would be postponed, I wanted to stay with the team and finish what we have been working on together for several years.

What was the biggest motivation for you to continue?
– We all have great motivation to succeed in the WFC. I trust my players and they trust the path we have set here. It is very inspiring to watch how the team develops and how far it can take us at the WFC.

In Czech Floorball’s interview, Kettunen further explains that it was clear to him from the start that he wanted to continue until the next WFC with the Czech team despite the WFC postponement. He decided to adapt everything else to this, even if that meant that he could not take the position in Eerikkilä. Negotiations with other members of the coaching staff about an extension are currently still in progress, but Kettunen would like to work with the same staff as before.

With regard to the situation in the Czech Republic, in October some players decided to temporarily go to train abroad. What is your opinion about this?
–  The situation in the Czech Republic was not and is not easy, which also had an impact on sport. I think that if the players could not train, it was only good that they utilised the opportunity and went to Sweden and Finland until they are able to train again and play matches in Czech Republic. Players will experience a new environment and culture. I believe that it will be an interesting inspiration for them.

Source & more information: Czech Floorball

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