The IFF has decided to choose 10 finalists from the World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup 2020 (WVFFC) U16 category. The voting has now started on IFF Facebook and IFF Instagram.

The video with most combined IG & FB likes will win the WVFFC U16 category. The IFF Facebook & Instagram voting will take place 2nd-11th of November (at midnight CET) and the IFF will announce the 1st World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup champions on the 12th of November.

The IFF received videos from a total of 70 participants from 27 different countries for the first ever World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup 2020 (WVFFC) and decided to divide the contestants into two different categories based on age, the U16 category and the Adult category. Out of the 70 participants, 37 contestants represent the U16 category (16 years and under).

The Adult category (over 16 years) finalists will be published tomorrow.

You can access all  #FreestyleFloorballCup Facebook videos here!

10 finalists and their #freestylefloorballcup videos (in alphabetic order):

  • Agnes Holgersson, 16 years, Sweden:

  • Amandus Sämsgård, 13 years, Sweden:

  • Arvid Forneheim, 15 years, Sweden:

  • Daniil Galiullov, 16 years, Russia:

  • Gustav Ängskog, 14 years, Sweden:

  • Isac Holmer, 15 years, Sweden:

  • Jonathan Egli, 9 years, Switzerland:

  • Lucas Pearson, 15 years, Canada:

  • Sherlock Ma, 10 years, Hong Kong:

  • Soui Matsuyama, 11 years, Japan:

For more information, please visit the World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup 2020 page!


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