The Men’s highest league in Estonia starts on October 17th and the Women’s league on October 25th. The Competition Committee of the Estonian Floorball Union commented on the preparations of the new season as well as the composition of the leagues.

How is the preparation for the new season going in Estonia? 

– Preparations for the upcoming season have been quite intense. As the league system has changed compared to last season, it has added challenges for the league organisers. Preparations for the season started already in July, when the first vision of the beginning of the season was developed. After that, the organisers received feedback from the teams and then improved the system. Compared to the previous season the work started significantly earlier.

Photo by Renee Kütisaar


Are there any winner favourites and major changes in the main leagues/among the teams?

– There are some changes in the men’s league compared to last season: for example, we have eight teams in the top league, which is three less than last season. This should equalise the level and create some very exciting games for the spectators. The system of the Women’s League is the same as last season: we have three women’s teams who are fighting to become the Estonian Champions in the highest league.

Interesting transfers, player news or other facts?

– The transfers of the players are mostly between Estonian clubs, but there are quite a lot of them. With those transfers it seems that the level of the men’s league is more equal than ever, which is very positive!  

How to follow the top leagues?

On social media channels:

Some matches are streamed on Eesti Saalihoki YouTube.

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