Next year, on the 7th of November 7, 2021, Swedish Floorball will turn 40 years old. Due to the fact that it is an anniversary year, a new competition format will be presented during 2021/22: the Swedish Cup!

Teams at all levels on the women’s and men’s side will be able to compete to become Swedish Cup champions.

– We are raising the status of district championships, provide opportunities for “David vs. Goliath” matches and open up the chance for games in Europe, says Swedish Floorball Federation Secretary General Mikael Ahlerup.

The Swedish Cup will be introduced during the 2021/22 season. The arrangement means in the first place that the winners of the district championship qualify for the Swedish Cup.

– In these times, it feels extra fun to present fun news that will develop floorball. One purpose of the competition is to involve the whole Floorball Sweden. We do this now by raising the status of the district championships and all participating associations also get something completely new to compete for when the winner gets a place in the Swedish Cup. It will provide opportunities for more audiences within the district’s competition, which is an important aspect for raising the interest of floorball throughout Sweden, says Swedish Floorball Federation Secretary General Mikael Ahlerup.

All teams in the Swedish Super League, as well as the eight teams on the women’s and men’s side that qualify up to SSL, are directly qualified for the Swedish Cup. This means that district championship winners most likely face SSL teams once they qualify.

The finals will be decided in connection with Swedish Floorball Federation’s planned 40th anniversary party in the autumn of 2021. The winners are awarded prize money and also take one of two Swedish places in the new format of the Champions Cup, which is planned to start in 2022/23.

The Swedish Cup competition format will be decided by the Competition Congress on the 29th of November.

Source & more information: Swedish Floorball Federation

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