The first ever World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup is now over, but the IFF has asked the top contestants to answer some questions in order to present the top athletes to all floorball fans. Tobias Vermund finished second in the Adult category and now we will learn more about this Zorro talent from Norway. 

You received a lot of support in the first ever World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup, how did that feel?

– It was amazing seeing all the suppport. And I loved the support from the news here in Norway.

When you sent us your video, you said many of your followers said that you should participate. What finally made you do it? 

– It was never an option not to send in a video. I started right away. I LOVE making videos. It’s one of my biggest passions.

Do you have some floorball goals in the future?

– I will try to play floorball in Switzerland, and in the long term I want to play in the SSL!

What did you think about this new Freestyle Floorball event concept? Would you like to see event concepts like this in the future as well? And would you like to improve the concept in some way?

– I love the concept. Maybe do it more formal. Likes is kinda random, but very fun! Would love having a jury at the end as well. Maybe they can give away points, or choose the winner.

Would you like to send some regards to the floorball fans who voted for you in the World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup?

– I would say thank you to everyone! Love all the support I got. It was amazing.

You can follow Tobias Vermund on social media:

Youtube: Tobias Vermund

Instagram: vermund36


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