The first matches in the Slovak top leagues are also played during the upcoming weekend. Juraj Kašuba from the Slovak Floorball Association reported on what the season looks like in Slovakia.

How is the preparation for the new season going in your country?

– Thanks to the strict restrictions, the first pandemic wave was not as devastating as it was expected. Therefore the pre-season preparations went well and with no delay. Besides that, our floorball association started sooner with the preparations which included launching the new web connected with complete statistics.

When are the main leagues scheduled to start?

– The men’s highest league, the men’s U19 highest league as well as the women’s highest league – Hyundai Extraliga are scheduled to start on 12th of September. The second highest men’s league – First league, starts one week later on the 19th of September.

Photo by Slovak Floorball Association


 Are there any winner favourites and major changes in the main leagues/among the teams?

–  Since the men’s highest league is becoming more and more even after each year, to predict the winner is very hard. However, we can say with the certainty that FBC 11 Trnava will be the rookie during the season 2020-2021. The crucial change happened in the Hyundai Extraliga, in which only eight teams will participate, that is two teams less in comparison with the previous season.

Interesting transfers, player news or other facts?

Lukáš Řezanina, a long-time member of the national team, moved back to his home town Košice and will play in his original club – FaBK ATU Košice. This player with experience from the Czech Superleague is the most interesting transfer for the season 2020-2021.

How to follow the top leagues?

– Top leagues are streamed on but not every match.

The statistics you can find here:

Social media

Women’s Hyundai Extraliga Facebook

Men’s Extraliga and national teams Facebook

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