Gerflor has been the flooring provider for the IFF since 2002. The Taraflex products have secured high-quality circumstances for the event organisers, players and referees. The less known fact is that Gerflor has developed its sustainability strategy in numerous ways over those years.

The company has been working on five different sectors: Eco-Design, durability, indoor air-quality, sustainable process and recycling. The mantra for the design process is to make the products more durable. The life expectancy for the products is 25 years.

The products are made from 100% recyclable materials and 65% of the materials do not contribute to resource scarcity. The Taraflex Sport flooring used in IFF events contains 32% recycled raw material (average 25% in Gerflor products). For several decades Gerflor has been committed to drastic initiatives to reduce energy and water consumption. The company has also strongly improved its CO2 footprint across all facilities and processes. Proof of this is the 10% reduction of energy consumption between 2017-19 with the target to reduce it even a further 5% by 2021. In the last 20 years the amount of water consumed in the production process has decreased by a massive 83 percent.

Recycling plays a big part in the product life cycle thinking. A solution has been developed for each source of waste: production waste, installation waste and end of life products (both usable in terms of the EU chemical directive (REACH) as well as non-REACH waste). Most of the material can be ground and re-used as raw material in Gerflor production facilities. In 2019 alone this added up to 50 000 tons of recycled raw material. The material which cannot be used by Gerflor is transported to another facility for sorting and grinding to be used by other industries.

– Gerflor is delighted to see that the IFF also acknowledges the environment and is taking action. This goes hand in hand with the values of Gerflor and deepens the long-term relationship to a new level, Jean-Baptiste Demotes Mainard, Communications Director at Gerflor, comments.

Indoor air quality is obviously something which also contributes to a good and healthy product. Any harmful emissions from Gerflor products are significantly lower than any of the norms require which secures good conditions for anyone visiting, playing or working at the venue.

The IFF is proud to partner with Gerflor. Not only do they offer state-of-the-art flooring products but also comply with the development of the IFF sustainability initiative.

Gerflor has specialised in sports flooring since 1947 with its 3 sports brand Taraflex®, Sport Court® and Connor Sports® as worldwide leading brands of indoor sport.

 For more than 40 years, Gerflor has been a partner and a major supplier of the world’s biggest sporting events. Since 1976 and the Montreal Olympics, Gerflor has not left the Olympic Arena. The multinational now asserts itself as the main partner of the federations. For example, the NBA, FIVB or IHF have trusted the Gerflor Group for more than 20 years. FIBA, NCAA, IFF and other powerful federations have recently joined forces with Gerflor.

On the European continent, Gerflor equips nearly 50% of the floors’ gymnasiums and sports arenas. From an event point of view, Gerflor continues to acquire new competitions: Basket and Handball World Cups among others in 2019.

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Gerflor Contact: Lionel Arlin, Sport Federations & Events Manager, +33 6 20 68 07 23,

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