Former Finnish international Kari-Mati Ratsula joins the Austrian Floorball Federation with immediate effect. He will support the National Team Coaches and will be supporting the development of the Austrian Floorball Federation.

How does it come that you will support the Austrian Floorball Association?

I will take my knowledge and experience from Floorball to the use of whoever is willing to get information. I will try to help coaches, players and the community to take progressive steps forward.

How did the first contact happen?

I talked with Gerold via Teams Meeting and we had a common interest and good understanding what is missing and something must be done. It is always great to hear that people around are willing to make effort to make things happen.
“Players also have to make effort to become athletes and be more aware about the game itself”. 

What exactly will be your job?

I want to bring more understanding to the trainings and what is purpose of training and what it includes. Also tactical things play a huge part and how it effects on different parts of floorball. Players also have to make effort to become athletes and be more aware about the game itself.

How can you help the coaches?

Sharing my point of from my experience, from what I have seen and experienced during my time in Austria. We must think together and understand the situation and work hard on those issues. Good things will definitely come in time. And there will be a time that there is modern day floorball played in Austria.

What informations do you have about Austrian floorball?

I have two years of knowledge from coaching in KAC Klagenfurt, and those two years gave me a good understanding about the status of floorball, about the players, coaches, staff and community.

What are the main missing points in Austrian flooball?

Mental things are a big issue and how the players see themselves and their roles inside the team. Basic things are something to really look into at first, because those things need to be mastered before we can go forward. “Motivated players are the biggest factor, not the most skilled ones”.

What will be the first steps?

Lot of talking and sourcing the capability about options. Everyone is not on the same level, but that does not mean that we cannot be on the page. The direction needs to be mutual and we have to rely on it. Motivated players are the biggest factor, not the most skilled ones.

What goals do you set yourself with your task?

I want see changes for the better and that we get outside of the comfort zone. Me included! Everybody can feel and understand when things go to the right direction. There is huge potential in Austrian floorball!

How long will it take to see a development in sport?

– This is an easy answer: it will take as long as necessary. There are no shortcuts, but there is always a way.

Source: Austrian Floorball Association

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