With their project My Sport – My Floorball, the Serbian Floorball Association will be developing youth floorball in Serbia.

Serbian Floorball Association applied for IFF Kids with Sticks equipment support to promote the game of floorball in Serbia. Currently, there are 20 teams and around 500 youth players (boys and girls from ages 6 to 18 years) in Serbia. They are all participating in the Serbian National Championships. Besides the Serbian Championship, the teams participate in many other tournaments in Serbia and in Europe. With the My Sport – My Floorball -project, the association wants to futher develop youth floorball in Serbia.

– Our main goal is to expand the game of floorball all across our country and to create more teams in the future. We would like to help our old and new clubs to move the kids from the street and give them the opportunity to play floorball and to continue to live healthy and play the sport they love. Our plan is to make big floorball base in Serbia with more than 2000 players in the next 2 years and with more than 5000 players in the next 5 years. In order to realize our project we would need more floorball equipment (sticks, balls and goalie equipment) and that’s why we are asking for help from your organization, Serbian Floorball Association informed in their application.

The association already started the work towards promoting floorball, only to realise that for this kind of big project, they would be needing equipment support. Their further plan is to organise one big youth floorball tournament at the end of every month and that each of the tournaments would be organised in a new town. This way they are planning to expand the sport in new locations.

– Besides tournaments our federation will organize national team tryouts, and floorball promotional activities in all elementary and high schools in the country in order to present the game of floorball to all students in our country. Our plan is to create more floorball teams in our country and get more than 2 000 youth players in Serbia in the next 2 years and to get more than 5 000 youth players in the next 5 years. 

Serbian Floorball Association received 447 votes (10th most) in the IFF Kids with Sticks Facebook voting. They were the last project to receive the equipment package from UNIHOC. For more information, please visit the Serbian Floorball Association’s Facebook page.

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