Ministerio Floorball Bolivia is developing floorball for youth in Bolivia. 

The purpose of their project is to strengthen the children and youth of the country through floorball. Their target group includes the vulnerable children and adolescents from the city of Riberalta and the rest of Bolivia.

The organisation previously had a project called Floorball Misem with various floorball teams, but those stopped working years ago. The Ministerio Floorball Bolivia still kept going, organising international championships and camps. Before they had no contacts with other projects, but then they were invited to participate in the Floorball4all Cup in Lima, Peru.


– Thank you firstly for this opportunity to participate in this contest and the IFF for conducting this contest. I am very happy that Ministerio Floorball Bolivia was able to be among the 10 winning projects. Now we are waiting for the pandemic in Bolivia to pass soon so that we can again train children and young people teaching good values. We are in Riberalta and little by little we are making ourselves known to people through social networks and press conferences and we hope that we can receive government support as well. We are very excited to continue building floorball in Bolivia and I wish to continue having much more contact with the IFF to give my reports about the project in Bolivia, they informed when finding out they were one of the winners of UNIHOC equipment support.

Ministerio Floorball Bolivia received 467 votes (9th most) in the IFF Kids with Sticks Facebook voting. For more information, please visit the Ministerio Floorball Bolivia Facebook page.

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