Bondeko School Uganda’s mission is to provide quality education and basic skills to the African children. With their project, they want to use floorball as a tool for youth development and life improvement. 

Bondeko School Uganda was one of the IFF Kids with Sticks winners and will receive the equipment support from UNIHOC. The received equipment will be used for their project called Enhancement of schools/Youth Development and Life Improvement through Floorball Game. 

The purpose of this project is to use floorball as a tool for different aims:

  •  To create a community and sustainable sports centre in order to develop floorball.
  •  To provide employment to the youth through vocational training and developing them as
    national and then international sports players.
  • To organise camps or sports tournaments for disseminating awareness about harmful effects of drugs, HIV and prevention self employment oriented vocational education.
  •  To organise health check up camps to provide prescribed medicines for free of cost.
  • To counsel the most aggressive and delinquent youth of the area and schools.

Youth of the community and schools are the target group of this project. The intermediate target group will include teachers, parents, employers of youth (if any), local people’s representatives, local opinion leaders, police, media workers, civil society organisation,
local community directly concerned with behavior problems of youth.

– The direct target group will mainly involve the youth who are perceived to be as the burden and non-productive members for the society. The vulnerability of the youth will be judged by the extent of his/her relevance in the society as well as the interest shown by him/her towards the project, Bondeko School Uganda informed in their application.

The implementation plan of the project includes contacting the Uganda Floorball Association as well as district officials about introducing floorball in other schools, holding workshops to teachers, carrying out floorball outreach and organising floorball tournaments.

Bondeko School Uganda received 1295 votes (8th most) in the IFF Kids with Sticks Facebook voting. For more information, please visit the Bondeko School Uganda Facebook page and website.

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